Report from the Capital

Report from the Capital

BJC is working to ensure faith freedom is truly protected for all. In this magazine, Amanda Tyler explores what it means to advocate for freedom built on the idea of “we” instead of just “I,” Holly Hollman looks the Supreme Court case of Carson v. Makin that centers around government funding of religious education, we listen and learn from Hispanic, Latin American and Latinx voices, and you can see how your support advances faith freedom that’s for everyone.

BJC Executive Director Amanda Tyler says preserving freedom by protecting it for all and not just the privileged few is at the heart of BJC’s calling to advocate for everyone’s faith freedom. We advocate for freedom built on “we” and not just “I.” Read her column.

In a preview of the Carson v. Makin case, BJC General Counsel Holly Hollman explains what’s at stake and why the government’s role in religious education is and should be limited. Read her column.

As the country marked Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15-October 15, BJC hosted conversations on Facebook with people who identify as Hispanic, Latinx, and/or Latin American. They shared about faith freedom in their community and contexts. Watch the conversations and access a study guide.

The Rev. Starlette Thomas talks about the foundations of the The Raceless Gospel Initiative: a didactic, multifaceted ministry of communication that decenters the sociopolitical construct of race and its progeny. Read more.


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